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The Ohio Quality Matters Consortium is a group of member schools that subscribe to the national Quality Matters rubric. Our consortium is the largest in the country, with nearly 60 member institutions. As a group, we focus on providing helpful resources to our members. We provide an efficient and affordable way of conducting online course reviews through our peer reviewer bartering system. In addition, we also assist in the coordination of Quality Matters training for institutions that would like to host a face-to-face Applying the QM Rubric workshop (APPQMR).

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What People are Saying

“When it comes to our online programs, Ashland University has benefited immensely from Quality Matters. Rooted in sound pedagogical principles, QM has helped us create and maintain a higher level of quality than we were able to reach before.”
Aaron Carpenter, Ashland University
“The QM Ohio Consortium’s Bartering System has proven to be the single best way to quickly scale online programs statewide while ensuring quality course design across the board.”
Steve Kaufman, University of Akron